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House Rules at Raith Lake

We have a common sense policy regarding our House Rules


Fly Fishing only - with conventional fly fishing tackle. Any tackle not suitable for fly fishing should be left onshore.

The use of any form of natural bait or artificial spinner is strictly prohibited.

The use of any form of ground bait is strictly prohibited.

Anglers will be expected to co-operate on all matters regarding fishing rules and bag limits.
Raith Lake strongly suggest that anglers wear Lifejackets/Buoyancy aids while out on the lake.
Tackle boxes and bags shall be offered for examination at the request of staff.
No Trolling.
All anglers on a three fish ticket must be able to accurately count to 3
Catch and release means exactly that! Any fish killed must be weighed and recorded
Comport yourself in a Sportsman-like manner throughout your stay

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